Star Trek Pattern And Logo Square Cushion – 50x50cm – Soft Touch



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Aired over 53 years ago Star Trek is a well-known, well-loved pop culture still today, the most iconic series being TOS (the original series). We follow Captain James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise space team on their five-year mission to seek out new life. The close-knit team travel around space and time on various adventures discovering new civilisations such as the Tribbles; a popular feature in the Star Trek episodes, they are a small and gentle but rapidly reproducing invasive species. The USS Enterprise team also meet the humanoid reptilian species the Gorn where Captain Kirk finds him self fighting and unnamed Gorn on Rocky Planet. This scene has become one of the most remembered scenes of TOS because of its unintentional comical effect by the Gorn’s slow and awkward movement. Female model is 175cm and wears a size S. Male model is 177cm and wears a size M. Set out “to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilisation, to go where no man has ever gone before!” Star Trek: The Original Series followed the voyagers of star ship USS Enterprise; set in 2265 exactly three centuries after the first episode aired in 1966. With a futuristic setting, the programme was also known for its progressive thinking and controversy around issues surrounding that decade. Show love to your favourite space trekkers with Zavvi’s exclusive Star Trek range. Become a part of the team with your own enterprise crew uniform an operator like Scotty or a scientist like Spock. Packed with designs of your favourite characters and episodes this range is perfect for any Star Trek fan.

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